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UltraSlim EC‑2990i Video Colonoscope

The PENTAX Medical EC-2990Li Video Colonoscope - UltraSlim is a small-diameter colonoscope for use in patients with smaller anatomy, such as children and smaller women. It can also help physicians complete procedures rectum-to-cecum in patients with inflammation, obstructions, or colon strictures, such as diverticulosis and post-operative adhesions. UltraSlim features include a 9.8 mm insertion-tube diameter, a 2.8 mm instrument channel, and a dedicated forward water jet. The UltraSlim Video Colonoscope can help physicians perform difficult colonoscopies efficiently and may minimize patient discomfort.

Improved completion rates

For patients who have colons with sharp turns, strictures, or other difficult anatomy, it may be challenging to reach the cecum with standard-sized colonoscopes. In these cases, the EC-2990Li Video Colonoscope - UltraSlim provides an effective alternative with a small diameter insertion tube and standard colonoscope length.

Retroflexion for maximum maneuverability

The UltraSlim Video Colonoscope features a short bending section that turns backwards for maximum maneuverability in a tortuous colon and more flexible scope positioning to visualize and perform difficult polypectomies.

Improved patient comfort

The smaller outer diameter and outstanding maneuverability may lead to improved patient comfort during procedures where patients have challenging anatomy.


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