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Video Naso‑Pharyngo‑Laryngoscope VNL‑1570STK

The PENTAX Medical VNL-1570STK, with chip-tip image quality, is equipped with a 2.0mm instrument channel to perform a variety of procedures in the physician’s office. This multifunctional large instrument channel design combined with PENTAX Medical insertion-tube technology, allows for convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective in-office treatment.

Multifunctional, large instrument channel design

The 2.0mm instrument channel makes the VNL-1570STK perfect for multiple tasks, including biopsies and suction of mucous. The 2.0mm instrument channel enables physicians to preform outpatient endoscopic therapy in their offices for convenient, cost-effective treatment.

Engineered for comfortable efficiency

The maximum flexibility of PENTAX Medical insertion tubes combined with the slim design of the VNL-1570STK makes maneuvering in laryngeal anatomy easier for physicians and more comfortable for patients. PENTAX Medical's unique flexible insertion-tube technology allows smooth operation and insertion to help make procedures faster and more tolerable for patients.


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